About us

The Finnish Adapted Physical Activity Federation SoveLi is a national expert organization. Our members include 20 health care organizations and disability organizations that promote adapted physical activity.

We aim to improve the exercise opportunities, health and well-being of people with long-term diseases and disabilities, so that they can lead an active lifestyle.

Our base values are equality and equal opportunity. 

We are a member organization of SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Olympic committee and Finnish Society of Sport Sciences.

Member organizations

SoveLi consists of 20 Finnish public health and disability organizations, whose member associations have about 460,000 people as their members. 

The member organizations are active operators in the field of adapted physical activity and experts of exercise and well-being of their own members. 


The board of SoveLi represents and manages our organization. SoveLi's board consists of a chairman, six ordinary members and their six personal deputy members.

The Chairman of the board of SoveLi is Olavi Sydänmaanlakka from Finnish mental health association.


SoveLi coordinated the project Adapted Physical Activity for Bilingual Municipalities in 2018–2021 together with Folkhälsan. The project aimed to develop adapted physical activity in bilingual municipalities in a comprehensive way. 

In two previous projects, SoveLi has worked on equal outdoor recreation activities in collaboration with Metsähallitus.

In previous years, SoveLi has also coordinated several educational projects as well as projects developing exercise activities provided by associations:


Advocacy and development work is one of the main priorities of SoveLi. The aim is to improve opportunities for adapted physical activity that promotes health and well-being, increase equality in physical exercise and help people with disabilities and long-term illnesses become more active.

The goals of our advocacy activities are based on the SoveLi strategy. 

Our vision: Everyone has the right to be physically active.